The new WATT+VOLT store in downtown Larissa, at 18 Mandilara & Papanastasiou Str., made its grand opening and attracted a large number of visitors.

The response of Larisa’s community was very warm. Members of the local community, associates and consumers attended the celebratory event on Wednesday, 20th of September, and “embraced” the opening of the new store with vigor and enthusiasm, as a reward of WATT+VOLT’s continuous effort to expand its presence in local communities around Greece during its process of rapid development.

The new WATT+VOLT store in Larisa, which is the very first electricity store to open its “doors” to the wider public of the region, guarantees instant and friendly service to consumers, aiming to provide them with the most economic and cost-effective energy solutions.

Contact details:
Address: 18 Mandilara & Papanastasiou Str., 41223 Larissa
Tel.: 2410 610 450, 610 454, 610 455