It is with great pleasure that WATT+VOLT announces that it has opened its first store in Thessaloniki on Thursday the 4th of May. In the framework of the company’s continuous development and based on providing optimized and immediate services to consumers, WATT+VOLT plans the opening of stores all over Greece within the next few months. The grand opening of WATT+VOLT’s first store, situated at 4 Ionos Dragoumi Str. at Thessaloniki, was honored by the presence of representatives of organizations, members of the local authorities and the city’s business community, as well as many athletes and officials of PAOK.

Over the years, WATT+VOLT has reliably and consistently supplied electricity to dozens of thousands of households and businesses all over Greece. WATT+VOLT’s philosophy is based on the maximum satisfaction of consumers and the provisions of technologically advanced services that contribute to the rational use and saving of energy. The company’s expertly trained staff assists customers by solving their questions and helping them select the solution that suits them best in the most appropriate and easiest way possible. At the same time, expert energy advisors assist and guide consumers so they can effectively check their energy costs and achieve a positive result on their expenses.

At the new store, visitors will have the opportunity to find information about the electricity for their homes or businesses, about innovative electricity management and monitoring services, and about the benefits they will gain by selecting WATT+VOLT as their electricity supplier.

Mr. Anastasios Papanagiotou, CEO of WATT+VOLT, said the following: “Customers are central to the strategic development of WATT+VOLT. We steadily invest in human resources and the quality and innovation of our products and services, in order to provide integrated and reliable solutions for private individuals and professionals. This is the groundwork on which we proceed, evolve and engage in business. Our first store in Thessaloniki is a great step towards this direction, and it will be followed by our next steps forward, which are the stores we are going to open all around Greece”.

Contact details:
Street: 4 Ionos Dragoumi, 54624 Thessaloniki
Tel.: 23160 10 300
Fax: 23160 10 310