WATT + VOLT is active in the field of Cross Border Trading aiming to exploit opportunities arising from foreign electricity markets. We participate in daily, monthly and yearly auctions in every Greek Interconnection. Borders such as Bulgaria, Turkey, Hungary, and Italy provide only every day opportunities but also long term ones in power transactions of which Watt Volt has the experience in taking advantage of. Our approach in any trading decision includes modeling of technical, financial, climatic and political factors. WATT + VOLT follows rational strategies optimizing its exposure at any risk maximizing the profits.

Our Goal
Pursuing a very ambitious growth strategy, WATT + VOLT is expanding day by day creating subsidiaries in Bulgaria and Serbia aiming in finding better origination strategies. Very soon we are going to be participants of European Power Exchanges such as EEX, HUPX, EPEX and OPCOM trading commodities not only physically but financially as well.