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WATT+VOLT is a provider of integrated electricity services. It is a rapidly growing and profitable Greek company operating in Greece.

WATT+VOLT is a Registered Trader and Supplier of Electricity in the Greek energy market since 2011 and a Registered Supplier of Natural Gas since 2015.

The subsidiaries of the WATT+VOLT Group of Companies are active in Greece and the Balkans, expanding its activities constantly across multiple business development sectors.

Investing in pioneering technology infrastructure and the development of its human resources, WATT+VOLT is engaged successfully in the Trade and Supply of Electricity, the Trade of Gas Emissions and the Negotiation of Basic Commodities and Raw Materials.

WATT+VOLT is a constantly developing organisation that adapts to the new needs arising internationally in the Energy sector. Focusing on the research and development of new services and products it is in position to offer reliable solutions to a broad range of private businesses and to the end consumer.

For WATT VOLT, you are our top priority


In WATT+VOLT we contribute to the rational use and saving of energy through the reduction of the cost of electricity and the efficient management of energy resources.

The development strategy of the WATT+VOLT Group of Companies is customer-focused and relies on human resources, expertise quality of products and services and innovation. It is on these principles that we operate, evolve and do business.


We listen to your needs and respond to them. Seeing the energy from a different perspective, we are committed to offer our products and services with a keen eye to your own benefit.


In WATT+VOLT contribute to the rational use and saving electricity, reducing the cost of electricity and the efficient management of energy resources. The Group’s development strategy is based on four cornerstones: Human resources, expertise, quality of products and services and ultimately, customer satisfaction are the foundation by which we are heading, we evolve, we attempt.


Given the challenging economic conditions faced by Greece’s households and corporations, as a result of the recent economic downturn, it has become a promary target for us in WATT+VOLT to further concentrate on reducing electricity costs for our customers by providing continuous information and training. We aim to a future tailored to you and your needs. Corporate Responsibility for us is part of our vision, our values, our aim, our business culture and strategy at the same time.


WATT+VOLT in Bulgaria

In 2015, WATT AND VOLT SA acquired 50% of CE Group, a subsidiary of Energy Management Team (EMT) Bulgaria, through its subsidiary Watt+Volt Bulgaria EOOD, which was rebranded WATT VOLT EMT.

WATT+VOLT EMT is a Registered Trader and Supplier of Electricity to end consumers in the Bulgarian energy market. It is also licensed for end consumer energy profile balancing.

Under this agreement WATT+VOLT joined forces with the well-established energy company ΕΜΤ in a 50%-50% partnership in WATT+VOLT EMT, gaining direct access to low-cost energy and a dynamic presence in neighbouring energy exchanges such as those in Romania (OPCOM) and Hungary (HUPX).

This new vehicle aims to take advantage of the expertise and experience WATT+VOLT SA has in the Greek consumer market and to develop a product and service model that will meet the needs of the Bulgarian consumer energy market.

EMT is already representing a portfolio of big clients of more than 130MW in the neighbouring country and effectively controls 12% of the Bulgarian open market.

WATT+VOLT in Serbia

In 2015 WATT AND VOLT DOO Beograd, a subsidiary of the WΑΤΤ+VΟLT Group of Companies was established and became a Registered Trader of Electricity in Serbia.

ESC – Energy Services Company

ENERGY SERVICES COMPANY (ESC) is a company providing Energy Services for the implementation of solutions that allow residential and business consumers to monitor their consumption of electricity and intervene as appropriate. It also aims at upgrading the energy efficiency of buildings.

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